The first issue of the journal “CTRI Bulletin” is published

Here is the first issue of the official journal of research and practice of the Central TB Research Institute -“CTRI Bulletin”.

The periodical will present the original fundamental and applied research data, as well as thematic reviews of the Russian and foreign scientists in the field of phthisiology, pulmonology and related sciences. Clinical examples and lectures will be also presented in the journal. Scientific discussions will enable our readers to exchange views on controversial and current issues of modern phthisiology and pulmonology.

The primary goal of the journal is present knowledge structuring. We will use and summarize the Russian and the world’s scientific experience and make it accessible to the utmost to a wide range of international and local experts in order to accelerate and facilitate introducing scientific developments into practical healthcare.

The main goal of the created journal is to structure modern scientific data. Using and summarizing the Russian and international scientific experience, to make it as accessible as possible to a wide range of domestic and foreign specialists in order to accelerate and facilitate the implementation of scientific achievements into practical healthcare.

We hope that “CTRI Bulletin” will contribute to the integration of achievements to determine the most effective prevention strategy, timely diagnosis and selection of the proper treatment and rehabilitation of patients with tuberculosis. Good luck!

– A. Ergeshov